What is Purpose of Cooling Towers in Thermal Power Plants?

Purpose of Cooling Towers in Thermal Power Plants

A cooling system contributes vital role in working of thermal power station that rejects heat to the atmosphere by cooling of a water stream to a lower usable level of temperature.

The towers vary in size from tiny to giant which will be up to two hundred meters tall and one hundred meters in diameter. Smaller towers are ordinarily factory-built, whereas larger ones are created on site.

Primary purpose of cooling tower is to raise down the temperature of water which is coming from condenser unit of power plant.

How Do Cooling Towers Work in Power Plant?
how do cooling tower work in power plant


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    Cooling Tower Working in Thermal Power Plant
    1. In thermal power plant, water is heated in a boiler to make steam.
    2. Steam than goes to turbine unit, A turbine is a rotary engine which rotates with flow energy of steam
    3. Steam utilizes its heat and flow energy to convert into rotary power of turbine during this process temperature and pressure of steam drops
    4. This steam is then exhausted out of the rotary engine and needs to be cooled to convert it in to liquid part.
    5. For this modification of part to require place, cooling water is employed during a instrumentation referred to as Condenser.
    6. In condenser, cooling water is circulated through tube and  steam passes on the surface steam losses rest of its heat by giving up to water and condense back to water .
    7. Here the cooling towers serve their purpose, water coming out from condenser unit is brought to cooling tower and air is passed through the tower
    8. Both streamline are passed through normally in counter direction
    9. When they came in contact water temperature raise down back to reusable level for condenser
    10. Some water also evaporates during cooling and make up water is added to fulfil this requirement.
    11. That’s how continuous cycle of water flow from condenser to cooling tower, raise down in temperature and back for condensing to cooling tower keeps in flow undisturbed.