Forced Draft Cooling Towers Manufacturers

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The forced draft cooling towers represent a flexible and powerful but economical cooling technology suitable for most industrial plants. We provide both design and construction of the forced draft cooling towers, as well as complex delivery of particular parts from our own production and from verified suppliers. The forced draft cooling tower designs are always created based on specific customer needs, and they comply with required parameters, local conditions, water quality, and other specific conditions at the installation site.

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  • The outer shell (material: FRP, steel, stainless steel, concrete)
  • Supporting structure
  • Fan stack
  • Cooling fill
  • Drift eliminators
  • Fan with drive
  • Water distribution system including sprying nozzles
  • Water basin

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The forced draft cooling towers remove low-potential heat generated in the production process. They use atmospheric cooling with wet technology and forced draft. A counterflow of air and hot water in the cooling fill results in a heat transfer. The airflow is provided by a propeller fan while the drift eliminators prevent the transfer of small the tower space.

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Cooling Tower Casing is made of selected grade materials of tough Fibre Glass Reinforced Polyester & resins, etc. Additional embossing is done for extra strength in the case of big cooling towers.

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The water basin like the tower casing is made of FRP. It is bowl-shaped, with a cylindrical Auxiliary suction tank at the bottom. This construction eliminates the danger of drawing air into the pump when operating with minimum water in the basin.

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PVC Honeycomb type fills having extended contact area. Splits incoming air and water into several streams spread evenly across the water cross-section increasing heat transfer rate easy to replace.

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Uniform distribution of water over the honeycomb Fills is achieved by means of the automatic water sprinkler. The specially designed rotary sprinkler head is made of PVC/aluminium alloy to avoid corrosion, also fitted with sealed ball bearings to take care of thrust & radial loads. S.S. & Brass sprinklers are also provided at an extra cost.

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The Hot water-distribution pipe is located inside a Cooling tower and delivers potable Water to the fixtures. The water supply delivering through water sprinkler and fall Into the distribution Pipe. In water distribution Pipes we made holes for hot water spillage. All PVC pipes used in distribution systems of the cooling towers are standard make and tested Per IS 4985.

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An aerodynamically designed axial flow type fan is specifically designed for cooling tower use. A well-balanced fan delivers large air volume at high efficiency and low noise level. The fan blades and hub are of cast aluminium alloy (LM-6). The direct driven fan with Variable pitched blades. Fans are coupled to slow speed weatherproof motor in IP-55 Construction. The mechanical equipment is so designed that maintenance of motor and fan Blades can easily be carried out without removal of the entire system.

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The Special Type Totally Enclosed Flange Mounted Motors, With Extended Threaded Shaft And Sealed Top Is Supplied With Cooling Tower. The Motor Is Having Totally Weather Proof Ip – 55 Degree Of Protection, suitable Cold & Hot And Humidity Atmosphere. Motor Hp Will Be Determined By The Calculated Thermal Requirement.

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We Offer Cooling Tower Gearboxes. Case Hardened and Lapped steel spiral bevel gears to transmit the torque between right-angle shaft. Unicase design with Pumpless Lubrication and three-point Foundation. Applications: FRP Cooling Tower, Wooden Cooling tower Industry: Plastic and steel Industry, Sugar, Cement, Paper, Solvent Extraction, Power Plants, Mineral Processing, etc.

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One of the most commonly used Cooling Tower Material is Galvanized Steel. As G-235 hot dipped Galvanized Steel provides corrosion resistance, durable and long service life and also is the symbol of great structural strength. And the frame is stable and with good rigidity, the load is evenly distributed among each foundation, which makes operation and assembly easily