Applications of Cooling towers and its use

The prime use of the cooling tower is to block out the heat absorbed in the moving cooling water system. The application of cooling tower is as follows,

natural draught cooling towers parts
  1. Natural gas processing plants
  2. Power plants
  3. Food processing plants
  4. Petrochemical plants
  5. Semi conductor plants
  6. Petroleum refineries and more.


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    natural draught cooling towers
    Natural Draft Cooling Towers

    The heat absorbed in the water can be minimized with the cooling water, so, you can use the same water again and again, which can assist you save the water that remains valuable these days. You can find both small cooling towers and large cooling towers to select from, among that you should choose what suits your application to the point. The small cooling towers are designed for residences as it handles only a few liters of water, whereas, the large cooling towers can handle more liters of water and it can be used for the industrial applications. The cooling tower is a heat exchange system, which is helpful in eliminating the useless heat from the process system fluid that is water. The cooling towers can be used in both industrial and commercial applications.

    Cooling Towers Application
    • HVAC
    • Refrigeration & Chilling Plant
    • Diesel Engine & Gas Engine
    • Natural Gas Engine
    • Induction Melting Steel Furnace (Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal)
    • Induction Heating Steel Furnace (Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal)
    • Plastic Injection & Blow Moulding Machine
    • Water Cooled Air Conditioning systems & VAM Machines
    • Cold Storage
    • Milk & Dairy Plants
    • Oxygen Plants
    • Bio Gas Plant & Renewable Energy Power Plant
    • Electrical Power Generation Plants
    • Vacuum Pumps
    • Gasifier
    • Anodizing processes Plant
    • Industrial/Hydraulic Oil Coolers & Press
    • Die Casting Machine
    • Water Cooled Air Compressors
    • Chemical & Petrochemical Industries
    • Dairy Product & Process Industries
    • Plastic Manufacturing Industries
    • Paper Manufacturing Industries
    • Laminates Sheet Industries
    • Paints¬†Manufacturing¬†Industries
    • Steel Plants / Rolling Mills / Metal Casting / Metal Forging Plants
    • Resort & Hotel & Hospitals & Malls
    • Plastic Packaging Industries
    • Rubber Manufacturing & Process Industries
    • Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Solvent Extraction Plant
    • Oil Refineries & Manufacturing
    • Agro & Agro Chemical Plants
    • Ceramics Tiles & Glass Manufacturing Industries
    • Sugar & Rice Mill
    • Food & Food Processing Industries
    • Boiler & Turbine Plant
    • Textile Manufacturing Industries
    • Car & Vehicle Manufacturing Industries
    • Thermal / Solar Power Plant